2022 NYC / Carnegie Hall Trip

June 18-23, 2022

Grove City High School Chorale and Harmonia choirs have been offered a solo performance on the world-famous Carnegie Hall stage on June 21, 2022.  After a very rigorous video review of our choirs the Carnegie selection committee made the decision that we qualify and fit their high standards for our own concert featuring GROVE CITY alone on stage.  This is probably the highest honor a high school choir program could possibly receive.  We want EVERY student there next June and will work to help your student raise the funds to get there if cost is an issue.

Parents are encouraged to chaperone and be a part of this experience as well.  Please know with this honor comes the cost to sing in the hall per student as this is a highly prestigious venue.  Carnegie Hall does officially plan to open for concerts late this summer and will host socially distanced audiences.  They will be communicating with us throughout the course of the next year as COVID protocols begin to loosen up.

More info coming soon!