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The student Dismissal Systems allows students to be dismissed to a parent/guardian following a choir performance at an away venue.  These include show choir competitions, OMEA events and public performances.  IN order for a student to be approved for dismissal with a parent/guardian following a choir performance, the following one step must be completed by the parent/guardian BEFORE MIDNIGHT the 2 nights before an event (essentially 48 hours):

Important Notes: 

  1. Families with multiple students will need to submit one form for EACH student.

  2. The form must be submitted for each student and  each performance from which a student needs to be dismissed to a parent/guardian and will not be returning to GCHS with the choir on the bus.

  3. Submitting this form once does not place your student on a permanent season-long dismissal list.

  4. After a performance, a student will need to be present with their parent/guardian and check out with their designated chaperone for dismissal.  A student MAY NOT leave a venue without signing out with their chaperone!!

This system and its protocols are in place to ensure student safety and efficiently manage the mobility of our large choir program.

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