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Our mission is to provide the moral, volunteer and financial support necessary to assure Grove City High School Choral Music program's prominence for years to come.

Grove City High School Choir Boosters is a 501(c)(3) organization and exists for three (3) purposes:


  1. To promote the interests and activities of the Choral Arts Department of the Grove City High School. 

  2. To organize the activities of the parents of students in the Choral Arts Department of Grove City High School, when said activities are for the purpose of providing either financial or physical assistance to any program specifically involving the Choral Arts Department.

  3. To organize and conduct fund raising activities for the purpose of financing curricular or co-curricular activities of the Choral Arts Department, including but not restricted to the purchases of performance garments, adjudicated event fees, equipment, and other items included in the budget, to the extent that the aforementioned activities are agreed upon by a majority of voting member.

GCHS Choir Boosters Bylaws

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